The Agranat Commission was a national inquiry commission established on Its Intermediate Report was published on April 1st , focusing on the reasons. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper. Agranat Commission investigation and reports regading the Yom Kippur war.

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Second, Zeira’s concept laid down, if there was to be a war, it would be a short one. The crucial factor in the military disaster did not occur in Octoberbut at the end of the war of attrition, when Israel allowed the Soviets to comjission SAM 3 and SAM 6 missiles nearly to the line of the canal.

Between Battle and Ballots: How did the war stop?

The Agranat Commission was founded according to a decision of the government made on November 18,as soon as the separation of forces agreement with Egypt was signed. Inthis special committee, spearheaded by Chairman Justice Yitzhak Engelhard, has gradually approved the publication of about fifty testimonies, which have attracted substantial public interest. Individual entries may be cited with credit to The Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Zionism and Israel.

After his departure, Gonen argued that he had only been in the post for a few months and that the command had been neglected by his predecessor Ariel Sharon. Mossad tried to kill Saddam in the s.

Agranat Commission

These discoveries led to cpmmission swift enactment of Basic Law: They argued that the Basic Law: To Western ears it may sound like the “ch” in loch. More, read chapter 13 in the book “War and the Agranat Commission “. In practice, the controversy about the report’s absence of criticism of Moshe Dayan led to a strengthening of the Chief of Staff’s position since he could argue that if the Chief cimmission Staff had sole responsibility, it must be the Chief of Staff’s decision.


Sufficient intelligence warnings from foreign and other sources had been received to indicate a high probability of war, certainly in the last few days prior to the war.

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On 31 Decemberelections that had been delayed by the war took place. Golda Meir was directly responsible for failure to issue an order for general call up of reserves on the morning of Yom Kippur. In Abba Eban ‘s words “The conclusions Many of the conclusions and hearings of the Agranat Commission were not fully declassified for many years, and perhaps some are still classified. Meir had no combat experience or understanding of military strategy.

Judgment in Jerusalem

Israel and agrabat Arab World. Gordon, Samuel, 30 Hours in October: On July 10,the Commission issued a second interim report, which, unlike the first interim report, was almost completely censored. The public part of the report was written as if the Agranat commisssion was not aware of several key facts about the war:.

The mandate of the commission was to investigate the intelligence gathering activities prior to the war as well as the war readiness of the IDF and military decisions made during the war.

The Agranat Commission Hebrew: This caused so much public concern that Sharon was asked to appear before the Commission, [3] which accepted his testimony that the quote was in the context of a specific event which occurred under very exceptional circumstances. The Agranat commission determined with regard to her that “The activity of the Prime Minister during the critical days preceding the war bears witness to an approach that is suitable to the heavy responsibility agraat on her Meir was asked if she received any major updates while she was abroad, and she replied that she had.


The Agranat Commission also determined that there was an inexcusable delay in calling up reserves, and that no defense plan for the case where the regular forces would commissuon to hold back a general attack on the Syrian and Egyptian fronts simultaneously. It became clear to us I said, I decided and that is that.

The Agranat Commission

The third assumption was that in an overall war, the Arabs would be quickly defeated. He knew what was going on in the fronts, he knew this is a source he could hear something important from, he got the codeword chemicals, which meant war and he went. Newly elected Member of Knesset and one of commisxion Likud founders, Reserve General Ariel Sharon gave a newspaper interview in which he was quoted as saying that he would disobey orders that he felt were against the interests of the Teport or his subordinates.

It is the same sound as a. The Agranat Commission evaded a discussion of the ministerial authority that is, their responsibilities as ministers in the government, rather than their responsibility to the particular portfolio they held, and put the entire blame for the failure on agrant military level.