Complete summary of Stephen Vincent Benét’s By the Waters of Babylon. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of By the Waters of Babylon. The great river in the story “By the Waters of Babylon” is the Hudson River. The Hudson River is the river separating parts of New York from New Jersey. By the Waters of Babylon has ratings and 44 reviews. Corinne said: By the Waters of Babylon is a really well written story, with so many effects go.

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I knew that in another moment the gods would see bebet. I go into the Dead Places but I am not slain. You come back a man and a priest.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The bones are light and old—sometimes they will fall into dust if you touch them.

I had not gone through all the rooms when the darkness fell. Elements of the plot and themes of By the Waters of Babylon appear in the feature film Beneath the Planet of the Apes. A great dystopian reading that deals with the power of knowledge.

I covered my eyes stepjen my hands and crept back into the forest. Of course, the critics raved and it was put into high school English anthologies.

Nov 21, Beet rated it really liked it. It seemed to me it should not have happened, with all the magic they had.

What I love about this story is how well Benet convinces you in the beginning that you are reading a story from an ancient time, as opposed to what the story really is: When a god or a demon saw me, then I would die, but meanwhile I was no longer afraid. After a time, I myself was allowed to go into the dead houses and search for metal. I got that part. Hard to believe it’s such an old story.


By the Waters of Babylon

When I woke, the sun was low. They had turned night to day for their pleasure-they did not sleep with the sun. Surely it was enough to spend the night upon the cliff. Fhe were singing the Star song in the outer chamber and it was like the buzzing of bees in my head. I know that I felt myself drawn as a fish is drawn on a line. I won’t be checking out Mr. He looked at me with both eyes but I had not run away. Everywhere in it there are god-roads, though most are cracked and broken.

Dec 31, Kirsten rated it liked it. It went down into great caves and tunnels—perhaps they kept their slaves there. But it was no better written and no more imaginative than many vinceny that had already been published. This story focuses on the main character, and narrator, John, who goes on an journey to finally fulfill what he What else can be said about this amazing story by Stephen Vincent Benet.

That was small to what came afterward but it made my heart feel big. With unbelievable tools vinecnt did giant vinceent part of the earth was safe from them, for, if they wished for a thing, they summoned it from the other side of the world.

By the Waters of Babylon

But when I boasted or wept without a reason, he punished me more strictly than my brothers. He touched my lips and my breast, he said, “You went away a boy. And I also think “By the Waters of Babylon” is a really well written story, with so many effects going into the theme.

I was just really impressed.

At night, I would lie awake and listen to the wind—it seemed to me that it was the voice of the gods as they flew through the air. As I pushed the raft from the shore, I began my death song—I had the right. Oh I see, he’s in New York. The current of the great river is very strong—it gripped my raft with its hands. He asked me how the gods were dressed and I told him how they were dressed. There should have been the wailings of spirits and the shrieks of demons, but there were not.


I looked at the bones in the shadow and kept my voice still. I looked about me—not stepnen away there was a great, broken god-road, leading north. This science-fiction story was decades ahead of its time, and it reminds me of other stories that were currently written, almost like they took ideas from this short story. sfephen

By the Waters of Babylon – Wikipedia

A cautionary tale about nuclear war from the early 20th century. I thought it was really interesting and thought provoking. Upon viewing the visage, he has an epiphany that the gods were humans whose power overwhelmed their good judgment. Nevertheless, as I made the raft, the tears ran out of my eyes. As he ventures into the unknown, we get the real point of the book, which is that humans in this story “ate knowledge up too fast. To ask other readers questions about By the Waters of Babylonplease sign up.

I was in a long small chamber—on one side of it was a bronze door that could not be opened, for it had no handle. In the play adaptation, he appears as a young man and, in a non-speaking part, as a boy. When the night came, I made my fire and roasted meat. It is better to lose one’s life than one’s spirit, if one is a priest and the son of a priest. The book is very much ahead of its time, and I respect it for that. I liked how the author made the story seem ominous and suspenseful.

Its name is Ou-dis-sun, the Sacred, the Long.