The use of plants as indicators in prospecting for minerals is discussed on a broad scale from the standpoints both of available literature and. Geobotanical methods of prospecting involve the use of vegetation for identification of the nature and properties of the substrate. Paradoxically. Two methods of botanical prospecting for uranium deposits have been applied on the .. , Geobotanical reconnaissance near Grants, N. Mex.: U. S. Geol.

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When in the mountains there is the hsiai plant [a kind of shallot], then below gold will be found. Haggerty identified Pandanus candelabrum as a botanical indicator for kimberlite pipes, a source of mined diamonds. There porspecting, for instance, a wild pansy Viola calarninaria which is zinc-loving, one per cent of its ash constituting zinc. Geological Survey 1 Uganda 1 underground fire 2 UNICEF 1 Union Territory of Pudducherry 1 United Nation 1 United States 1 universe 1 University of California 1 Upanishads 1 uranium 14 urban growth 1 urban heat island 1 urbanization geobohanical USA 1 Uttar Pradesh 3 Uttrakhand disaster 1 vajra 1 Vamana 1 vanaprastha geobohanical Varahamihira 1 Varanasi 6 varves 2 vector borne diseases 1 Vedas 1 Vedic 1 Venus 2 Venus shining above Ranchi 1 Viking 1 Vindhyan 1 vishnu 2 vitamin D 1 Volcano 2 volcanoes 1 Vredefort 1 War for water 2 War of Bosnia 1 water 2 water conservation 1 water crisis 1 Water dowsing 1 Water falls 1 water harvesting 1 water hyacinth 1 water ice 1 Water level 1 water logging 1 Water on Mars 1 water on moon 1 water pollution geobotanicsl water supply 1 water vapour 1 Water witching 1 Waterfalls of Ranchi 1 Weathering 4 West Bengal 1 West Nile virus 1 Western Ghats 1 western himalayas 1 white coral 1 white paint 1 Why did some prehistoric animals get so big 1 Why vegetarian animals are fat?

Prospecting by both plant analysis and indicator plant mapping in widely separated prospeting of the Colorado plateau has shown a positive correlation between botanically favourable ground and major ore deposits. Astragalus pattersoniwhich thrives on the direct intake of selenium from ore bodies located up to a depth of 75 feet, was identified as one of geobotancal indicator plants for uranium.

Environment and Geology Ek Sparsh http: Plant ash is analyzed directly for the determination of uranium content. Geobotanical surveys have been carried out in the Satpura-Gondwana basin of Madhya Pradesh and the foot hills of the Himalayas to demarcate mineralized uranium sandstone facies. Radon in groundwater from India- a brief report. All times are GMT This text describes the natures of the soils in the different regions of China in terms which Needham has recently been able to demonstrate are technical to a degree not previously appreciated.


A plant may be used as an indicator, provided it is established that its growth is controlled by certain factors which are related to the chemistry of the ore deposit.

Definition of geobotanical prospecting

Geobotanical methods for prospecting uranium depos Apart from Carotenoids, which are important in yellow and orange flowers, it is mainly the anthocyanins that are responsible for the colour range from orange to deep blue. It is specific to a local microclimate. The method dates back to the eight or ninth century, when the Chinese had observed the association of certain plant species with mineral deposits. In recent years, geobotanical methods have become useful in the identification of uranium- ore deposits particularly in areas of dense vegetation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Environment and Geology Welcome! Many plants from Africa, Australia, China, Japan and other similar regions have been introduced to the America Continent and thrive quite well. Labels 1 abrasion 1 acid rain 2 Adansonia digitata 1 Adelaide 1 aerosols 2 Afghanistan 1 Africa 4 African 1 agate 1 Agent Orange 1 agriculture. Wednesday, September 8, Geobotanical methods for prospecting uranium deposits.

geobotanical prospecting

There is, however, ample evidence that even fairly low levels of radiation can produce morphological changes in plants over a prolonged period.

America was founded by tough hell-raisers. There are, however, some widely recognized examples of plants which grow in soil too rich in certain minerals to be tolerated by other plants. Prosprcting for the Northern Regions, names such as Coppermine in the Central Arctic and the Geogotanical River in southwest Prospectnig are common-place, while the Canadian Shield is again recognized for both its variety and its mineral richness – not merely copper, but Gold, Silver, Tin, Lead and Zinc.

After the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima, exceptional yields of various crops were obtained. Fortunately, however, natural radiation is never as high as that encountered at Hiroshima in and levels normally encountered are therefore seldom sufficient to produce an obvious stimulatory effect on vegetation.

PP Barto likes this. I’m gonna go out and look for goldenrod and silver maples!

Geobotanical prospecting – Wikipedia

I would like to offer you research and news information on different environmental and geological issues. This technique helps in the broad outlining of mineralized areas.

I read an article that the Spanish used abnormal growth and color of plants to assist prosppecting in finding gold here is the US.

In the first half of the sixth proslecting AD there were at least three manuals devoted entirely to systematic accounts of geobotanical mineral prospecting, and listing the varieties of plants and their associated minerals. Also to learn more about earth science topics in the news.


The uranium content of the ash of plants growing above prospectinf formations is generally less than 1 ppm, whereas that of the plants rooted in ore bodies contain several parts per million ppm. PP Last edited by prairiepup; Apr 21, at Charlie, let us know if you run across Euell Gibbons out there, he of the Goldenrod and Hickory nuts fame.

Noble Metals and Biological Systems: Viscaria alpina that was used by prospecters to discover the ore deposits. It has been observed that the uranium content of plants rooted in mineralized ground is detectably higher than the uranium content of plants rooted in unmineralized ground. The ‘shrooms apparently were high in radioactive cesium.

Geology Online Geology Online: The Chinese were the first people to notice and use the connection between the types of vegetation which grow in certain areas geoboyanical the minerals to be found underground at the same localities. But perhaps it is copper rather than gold that assumes greater importance. Newer Post Older Post Home. If recoverable gold occurs in the rape turnip, obviously the next step is to genetically modify it to absorb even more gold, sew the seeds all over California and do our prospecting with a lawnmower.

As I understand it, the red of Iron oxides about an area are a good indication of possible Au deposits nearby. Geobotany and biogeochemistry in mineral exploration. The method has evolved over the years and now more than a hundred species have been recognized as indicators of prospefting presence of a number of elements, including ore metals.

In modern times insufficient attention has been paid to this practice, and many of the ancient Chinese findings have not been investigated. In terms of execution, the basic requirement is merely a pair of human eyes; but in the interpretation of the visual or photographic image, some knowledge is required of a number of different disciplines such as biochemistry, botany, chemistry, ecology, geology, and plant physiology.