Since the production of her first solo play, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), she has become widely known and revered in the theatrical and literary. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald. Ann- Marie MacDonald. Photo by David Hawe. Used with permission from Random. Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) [Ann-Marie MacDonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this exuberant comedy and.

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In scene 2, Juliet and Romeo wake up together and describe their declining interest in each other.

So begins Constance’s transformation from desdfmona to a self-confident, strong, independent woman. Rejected and manipulated by Professor Night, she believes at the outset of the play that she is a failed scholar and lover. He is a war hero of the Venetian empire, engaged in battle with the Turks on the island of Cyprus. While Constance’s male persona adds to our enjoyment, it also allows MacDonald to reveal the extent to which not only our social exchanges but our very identities are shaped by gender constructs.

She nibbles absentmindedly on Vetveeta cheese and drinks a warm Coors Light, already opened, which she takes from her desk drawer.

In the first scene Constance’s huge desk goodorning downstage centre blocking the view of the single entrance. However much she is charmed by Juliet, Constance faults her tragic impulse toward death and destruction.


The Shakespearean characters are nearly all inclined to a tragic worldview, and they are in goonight danger of following a dark destiny. It seems that after the newlyweds’ passionate night, their affections have cooled; each looks for some new form of amusement. Tybalt is somewhat self-obsessed, and his sexually explicit banter suggests that he is possibly homoerotic or gay.

Othello signals his readiness to be fooled with his famous lines “Had Desdemona forty thousand jliet Suddenly, Constance finds herself transported into the worlds of Romeo and Juliet and Othellowhere she interferes with the plot, gets to know the characters, and discovers her true identity.


Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald | CanLit Guides

They fight over their turtle, Hector, and end up ripping it in two; they part on bitter terms. Juliet tells her that she desdenona the name of the Wise Fool and will trade it for one kiss.

Be that as it may, the fact remains that, on gooodmorning whole, the women in Shakespeare’s tragedies do not fare well. Thus we have one man dressed as a woman and two women disguised as men with the audience’s awareness that in Shakespeare’s time, all women’s roles were played by males in female dress, adding a third layer to the reversals.

As a contemporary woman and scholar, she liberates the two heroines from their victim status and “wimp-ish” Renaissance portrayals. Retrieved from ” https: Tanja Jacobs, the Constance, slipped at times into broad goodnignt and pushed the role into caricature; MacDonald’s performance is more subtle and draws on clown techniques. They promise to forgo their tragic impulses, and Constance realizes that she is both the Author of the play and the Wise Fool. Constance avoids these tragic events by telling Tybalt and Mercutio of the marriage.

Cara Julidt is not at the same level as the other actors in terms of voice control or characterization.

Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet at Belfry Theatre – a review

I was not paid to write a review nor was I required to do so. Robust and energetic, full of repartee, wit, and feminist and philosophical references, it goodnightt nonetheless accessible to individuals who might not be as academically versed.

How fast and furious can they talk? I come from Queen’s University.

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

In the midst of a swordfight, Constance reads the manuscript page and is transported into Romeo and Juliet, just in time to prevent Romeo from killing Tybalt. Goodnight Desdemona challenges this view, however, and interprets Desdemona as a capable, headstrong, and even violent character who marries Othello because of her passion for war and conquest. To be both clever and politically correct in depicting Constance’s looking-glass world, Juan Chioran, a white actor, is cast as Othello and Alison Sealy-Smith, a black actor, is cast as Desdemona.


Othello error Filming Othello. Among her works for theatre are Belle Moral: This, she reasons, would explain why both Romeo and Othello seem to be “the unwitting victims of a disastrous practical joke rather than the heroic instruments of an inexorable Fate. Woolf creates the fictitious Judith Shakespeare, William’s “sister,” to account for the absence of female Renaissance playwrights. Call it Postmodern or Deconstructionist if you like, but MacDonald is too clever to be pigeonholed in any such academic straightjacket.

Based on her journey of self-discovery, Constance provides an antidote to the tragic impulse by stressing that it is necessary to abandon inflexible, absolute values; acknowledge the complexity of the world; and listen to the Wise Fool.

In scene 2, Iago discloses that he has a page from the Gustav manuscript and forms a plan to conspire against Constance. Writers such as Simone de Beauvoir and Kate Millet began inquiries into feminist literary studies and critics like Sandra Gilbert, Susan Gubar, and Judith Butler have continued or adjusted their focus. The second act takes place on the island of Cyprus, within the world of Othello.

They will let their hair down, take off their glasses and speed review their favourite books and DVDs to kick off Canadian Library Month. These critics are inclined not to emphasize that the comic convention is important to the play’s feminist subtext chiefly because it is the opposite of tragedy—in other words, because it requires a happy ending.

She is generally considered a passive character who is devoted to her husband. She goes about this quest by getting to know two of the most tragic and doomed female figures in English literary history.

MacDonald gives us the definitive portrayal of vesdemona central role.